INSTFEA Master Class

We invite students and young professionals to apply for a free mentorship and
free one-day workshop including a unique certificate.
Learn more about the fundamentals and interconnections of
corporate strategy, corporate finance and business law.


Get recommendations for your career and individual feedback.


Dive into corporate strategy, corporate finance and business law. 


Connect with other participants and get access to career opportunities.

Introduction to
Corporate Strategy

Learn more about fundamental matters of corporate strategy: organic and inorganic growth, financial and operational restructuring. Get an introduction to capital markets and investor relations as well as value drivers for companies. 

Introduction to Corporate Finance

Get an introduction to equity capital (e.g. Capital Increases, IPOs, Convertible Bonds),
debt capital (e.g. syndicated loans, corporate bonds, private placements) including debt capacity analysis and M&A including company valuation.
Learn more about the role of corporate finance in the investment banking and
how proven structures help companies finance their growth.

Introduction to
Business Law

Get an overview of legal forms and fiduciary duties of managing directors in different countries. Learn more about legal aspects of M&A transactions (share deals/asset deals) and financial restructurings (e.g. debt equity swap). Benefit from know-how in terms of compliance and corporate governance.

Apply For The INSTFEA Master Class!

Up to 5 students and young professionals get the opportunity to participate.
The workshop takes place at Palais Kronberg (Germany — close to Frankfurt/Main).
If you’re interested please let us know. We’ll then revert to you and ask for further details (e.g. cover letter, CV).